Friday, October 22, 2010

Book Club

Wednesday evening the eight of us in The Page Turners met for dinner and a discussion of this month's book, The Reliable Wife. It was the perfect book for October.

We, The Page Turners, take turns having dinner at one another's house with great food, wine and conversation. I think our book club is of the rarest form as we combine all of the above with literary conversations. Our satchels are laden down with books we have read, books to loan to others, and lists of books we want to read.

This month as dessert of pumpkin bars was being served, we sat in candlelight telling ghost stories, and of haunted ghost walks we have taken.

By the time we left the wind had picked up and was swirling about the leaves of Autumn. I do have to say that when I arrived home with the moon peaking out behind gray clouds and the swirling leaves, that I did look over my shoulder once or twice.