Sunday, October 03, 2010

Birthdays from a small town...

Dear Folks,
I love writing my blog and sharing with you stories from my small town. Yesterday was the 30th birthday of my sweet daughter-in-law, Karen. She is a wonderful friend as well, and we had a celebration of her birthday yesterday.
It was to have been at our local park, but the weather turned a bit chilly and damp so the plans were quickly changed. We hosted the party instead at Karen and Aaron's church in the Fireside room, complete with a fire.

Karen and I went early and decorated the tables with pumpkins and sunflowers and candy corn. It was a pot luck as the tables were full of food by late afternoon. We all had a great time with lots of folks wishing Karen a happy birthday. Kids were everywhere and that always makes for a fun party.

So, to Karen, happy birthday, and I wish you so many more happy ones.
The photos are, of course, from the party from my small town.