Friday, August 27, 2010


It is a lazy day in northern Indiana. I don't work at school on Friday as I save the day for storytelling or traveling, or in some cases, finishing up my article for the paper. (Friday a.m. deadline!) It is always good when I have a storytelling gig or big week end plans as I get the column done early. If not, well....

Today was one of those days. I just couldn't get to work. The day began so cool so I hung out laundry, made the first pot of soup since last spring, did the normal household chores and then finished up the column. I am not a procrastinator, I simply work well with deadlines.

I also decided to get the errands done before the actual weekend, leaving me a carless couple of days. My first stop was the ATM where I sat in a man standing at the ATM. His truck was park to the side and he was pulling a fishing boat. When he finished his transactions, I rolled down my window and said, "It's a great day for fishing, yes?" Maybe I shouldn't do things like that, I mean maybe he thought I was going to rob him, but nevertheless, I do things like this.

We got to talking and he was on his way to northern Michigan to camp and fish on a small lake. He told me that last week he attended the wake and funeral of a Lakota woman in South Dakota. He said it was fascinating as the wake and funeral lasted for a full two days, not just an hour or so. He also said that he didn't get much fishing done.

The things you can learn at your local ATM !