Tuesday, August 24, 2010

A taste of Autumn

Tonight a heavy veil of dew covers trees and bushes and grassy areas. Just sitting here working on my screened in porch, I am surrounded by the evening cacophony of crickets and cicadas. While the August full moon peeps over my neighbor's house, I know the truth, Autumn is coming.

I have noticed the shift in sunlight in my kitchen window, the one facing the West. When I first returned home three weeks ago it still filtered direct and hot through the stained glass window and bounced off of the red walls. But now it has become slanted and sunbeams dance with sweet, sad beauty as summer begins to let down her guard.

The garden is heavy this time of year as well...black-eyed Susies, last of the day lilies, green pumpkins sprawling all over the compost heap, and a luscious red-raspberry patch. My raspberries usually riped toward the end of September, but are a month early, and the berries are huge. Tonight I picked several pails full with more tomorrow night.

By tomorrow evening the temperature will dip into the low 50's, and I will toss another quilt upon the bed.

I love each season as it shows us its grace, so be what may, I will cherish these last misted summer days.