Monday, July 26, 2010

The 4th Annual Women's Opry on Ocracoke

Our new belly dancing troupe, Lola's Ladies!
One small glimpse into the green room! (So much more!)
Post Show Appreciation!

This weekend was the 4th Annual Women's Opry on Ocracoke, and we did not leave anyone disappointed. Sometimes words actually fail me on describing the work that went into the production (unless you do theatre yourself), the performers, rehearsals, costumes, and, in working with all women, well, you can get that picture yourself.

We had a wonderful time putting on the show 'Way Off Broadway,' and indeed it was. Here are just a few words to describe the show:
Full of light and life!

We performed for a sold out crowd on Saturday night and a full house for the Sunday Matinee. If you missed it folks, all I can say is that I am really sorry.
Once over, once over. Just a few photos, some are taken by Brian Carter! Video to follow one of these days!

The cast of the 4th Annual Women's Opry on Ocracoke!!