Friday, July 23, 2010

My Birthday (sigh)

Yesterday was my birthday. It was a wonderful day. Philip actually got up and went to the beach with me to watch the sun rise. It was spectacular, as always, and this is the photo from the morning. We climbed up into the lifeguard chair to watch morning unfold just sitting quietly letting the waves roll over our thoughts. We finally decided to move on to our day and had breakfast at our local Pony Island on Ocracoke. The day was filled with rehearsals for the show...more belly dancing rehearsals and shopping for the perfect gaudy, jingly necklace, of which we found.

Amy (Philip's daughter) hosted a family, birthday potluck. Her yard was filled with family, friends and lots of kids. The hit of the evening was the roof beer floats that Philip made. No one was left out of that for sure!

Birthdays come and go, and mine was fun and happy. Last year I was getting my purple cast on my birthday. So far this year (well, just one day!), all is well!

Lou Ann