Wednesday, July 07, 2010

4th of July

Dear friends, storytellers, family and dreamers,

I want to share a few words and a few photos with you about the 4th of July on Ocracoke Island.

There was a pale veil of melancholy due to last year's tragedy on the 4th. Each event of the day mentioned the names and we honored them in silence and in our thoughts.

The fanfare might have been dimmed, but the community spirit was not. I think that is what I love most of all about being here, the resilient spirit of the community.

The day was spectacular in weather starting with the flag raising early in the morning with the boy scouts. There was sand sculpting at the beach, a vintage car display, sky-divers and the parade of course.

Our friend, Jim, was here for the weekend and he and Philip worked every day on our float. It was a wonderful satire concerning the closing of the ABC stores in Hyde county due to the embezzlement of $100,000.00. Needless to say, the locals loved the float and it made the tourists wonder.

Philip, Jim and I on our third place float!

The day concluded with a square dance out on the Community Square on the harbor. The parking lots was blocked off as folks gathered to dance the Ocracoke Square Dance called by Philip as music was provided by Molasses Creek. Following an hour of this, Aaron Caswell, of Ocracoke, set up his rock band and they played non-stop until 11:00. The parking lot was full of children, adults, locals, tourists....everyone was there having a wonderful time. We danced under the starry sky until the last song. No one wanted the evening to be over.

Here are a few photos from the day, just a few!

Ed and Susan (Pirate and his lady!)

The Island Queens.