Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Mom's week in Ocracoke

My beautiful mom!

So, we left Texas.

The first day was long, as is any day traveling to Ocracoke. (For you new readers Ocracoke is off the coast of North Carolina, south of Cape Hatteras.)

It was a full day of travel...plane, car and then ferry. It was dark when we loaded onto the ferry just a minute or so before it pushed out to sea. It was a beautiful windy night crossing.

A few more miles, and we were home to the cottage by the sea. Philip was waiting on the porch playing his harmonica. The sound of the music floated up and was caught in the cedar trees and the dancing wisps of late night clouds.

A glass of wine and a few stories and we were soon fast asleep letting the sounds of the island become our cradle.

The week was eventful as Philip's brother was married on the back porch with 20 folks in attendance. The bride was barefoot and we all drank lemonade and ate cupcakes. I think it was the perfect way to have a wedding and the cost was probably under $100.00 including the license!

My friend Kathy and a friend of hers joined us for the week as well. We hiked to Springer's point, walked on the beach, attended performances at the Deep Water Theatre, watch the moon rise on the beach, had supper at the Jolly Roger letting the music of Molasses Creek join with the lifting of the beer glasses.

My mom was at home in every situation taking over as wedding planner, tour guide, and counselor. How does she do it.

It was a wonderful journey for the two of us. I will post a few photos as the week goes on, but this one is my favorite. It shows the joy of my mother.

Thanks for waiting for a post, Internet is difficult here!!