Saturday, May 29, 2010

Fairy Night

The full moon is May was so full of beauty. She, the  May moon, is known as the flower moon or the corn planting moon. By now all the crops should be in the ground and with the sun and moon adorning our hemisphere, you should be able to hear them growing in the night. Our weather has given way to a strong planting season with lots of rain and beautiful sunshine.

I decided on the full moon night to host a small fairy party in my backyard. It was short notice, but sometimes I just like to make fun creative choices at the last minute!

I made a couple of phone calls and decided it would be just fine if I had to call in the fairies myself. As it was, there were six of us including Matthew and Jonah.
They are used to my antics now so they just show up not knowing what to expect, but knowing it will be fun.

I dressed in my Renaissance dress and crown, lit candles all over the yard, prepared the poetry by Shakespeare and waited with a basket full of peony petals.  When my guests arrived, we shared the poetry, tossed petals onto the yard and asked the fairies to come and the banshees to flee! We sang White Coral Bells in a round and called it a night due to the mosquitoes!

It was a lovely way to spend a late spring evening under the light of the full moon!