Saturday, May 22, 2010

Late Night Dinner Table Talk

The rain deluge came as a great surprise. I know rain had been forecast, but not in the torrents that developed last night. With Matthew and Jonah as my guests, we watched on the summer porch as rain burst from the sky covering everything. In just an hour we had over two inches of rain.

Meanwhile, at the Fort Wayne airport, Adam and Tonya were arriving to spend the week end with me, visiting and gardening. They landed between the storms and stepped into the House at the White Picket Gardens as twilight and fog settled upon our area.

With the windows open, candles burning, and a late dinner on the table, we sat at the table long into the evening sharing stories. Matthew and Jonah sat and visited sharing stories as well with their auntie and uncle. They love them so much and always enjoy their visit!

As we talked, the candles burned low, the night sounds permeated the dining room with softness and late spring Indiana sweetness.

I pulled out my copy of "The Country I Come From" to read from our poet laureate, Robert Krafp.

It was a good evening for all of us and we all fell asleep to the gentle rain.
Now, just what to do with my garden?