Monday, May 17, 2010

Mengting's Going Away Party

All the girls assembled on my front stoop!

Girls pot luck is such a fun way to spend a Monday evening! Once a month I open up the doors of this old house to any girl (any age) who wants to celebrate an evening of great food, gossip, and stories!

I never know who will walk over the threshold of my kitchen, sometimes we have never met, but all are invited. What I really love about this group of women is that every decade (through the 60's) is represented on these evenings!

Mengting has been a member of this group for the past two years. This past Monday we celebrated her second year at Trine as we wished her farewell and sent her back to China for the summer. I wanted to send her back with a bouquet of flowers, but, of course, she could not carry the lovely bouquet with her, so we all presented her with packets of seeds to grow her own garden in China.

This year she told me she was actually ready to spend the summer here with all of us and enjoy the beauty of an Indiana summer. I will bet next summer she will be here for sure.

So, farewell to Mengting, come back to us soon!