Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Physical Therapy and Stories

I have physical therapy twice a week. I really look forward to it as I think it is just one step in getting back into my old life.

I chose to go to the local hospital for therapy because it was close, and I could walk if I wanted to. Most of the time I walk, have the therapy, stop at the local coffee shop, and then walk home. It is great! Karen put money on my coffee account so it is almost like a 'free meal.' Well, coffee anyway. Karen also took my picture in front of the hospital on my first day as well as she told me to do really well in school!

My therapist is Robert who is from Poland, as is his wife. Robert is very studious, follows the programs, even when I ask him to give me more 'homework.' I am also a good student following all his workouts and advice.

Today was different at therapy. After we got the heart rate up and settled down to the exercises, he said to me, "Do you want to hear a good story?"

Ah-hah, I thought. He is on to me and knows my love and gift for story. I know my head shot up and my eyes popped out. How could I refuse a great story? He spent the rest of the time (as we did all the workouts) telling me about the history of Kosciusko County. I had no idea, the stories flowed and soon the time was up.

I am thrilled, now I get double for my money...therapy and stories!