Monday, May 03, 2010

May gardening and waiting to heal...

This May morning is the epitome of all Mays that I can remember. I woke up as the sun was streaming in my Eastern window with a promise of a beautiful day. 

I took the traditional early morning walk around my garden, only this spring is different as I cannot pull a weed or set a seed. My hands are literally itching to work the garden soil, bring in the compost, till up the new garden, gather more herbs, split bulbs and, at the end of the day, put away the gloves and hoe, and let the sun set on a sweet garden inside the white picket fence.

Until I am given the OK to work the land, I dream on in books of gardens. The books are piled high on a table. Some are practical, most are whimsical in content. I love them both.

So on this beautiful May morning, here are a few tidbits for you:

the full moon in May is known as the Corn Planting Moon,
other folks know it as the Flower Moon,
cold spells often occur in mid-May known as Blackberry Winter,
avoid planting on the first day of the new moon,
leaf vegetables should be planted on the waxing moon,
plant the rest of the garden during the second quarter.

These are just a few tidbits to help your gardening, especially in the northern gardens. Enjoy!