Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Haiku for yet another winter's day in my small town...

I fill the bird feeders, I walk, I photograph, I tell stories, I write, I drive gingerly to school, to shows, to call dances in this winter wonderland. The snow drifts down daily to remind us that winter holds on and those of us who love it, open the blinds each morning to enjoy the beauty.

Author Rick Bass says that you just have to embrace winter or it will take hold of you and you will be lost within it.

So, poetry to get you through the day, the season....your life? These were taken from my writing journal.

empty streets of ice
longing for summer walkers
all doors frozen shut

bloodlines of winter
run through blue veined lifeless hands-
I'm sleeping til Spring

hunched winter mornings
glittering frosty treetops
canope my soul

The above mentioned book is Winter by Rick Bass.