Sunday, January 31, 2010

Waiting for the Wolf Moon in January

Trine University Professor, Tim Carver
Friday evening at dusk I bundled up to do a photo shoot of the full moon coming up over my downtown. I packed my camera case with all the things I tell my students to take: camera, cleaning cloth, plastic bag (in case of rain or snow in this case), business cards, and money.
It was still early by the time I walked the few blocks and I was so cold that I stopped into Rachael's coffee shop to a quick cup while peeking out the front door waiting for the darkness to deepen.
There was a gentlemen working and drinking coffee. Within a few minutes he began to pack up and bundle up. He then went outside. So, I am waiting for the full moon, but this gentleman all bundled up for this frigid evening checking something in his pocket was too rich for me to pass up.
I gathered up my supplies and quickly went out asking if I may photograph him. He was so kind to say yes. The picture is so is all about my small town, the coldness of the evening and the thoughts that when waiting for something, keep your eyes open to other possibilities.
His name is Tim Carver and he is a Professor at Trine University.
Thanks for a great shot and the conversation, Tim!