Friday, January 22, 2010

Coming Home...

My dad's funeral was so lovely. It was full of family, memories, stories. There were hugs and tears...moments of laughter and moments of such grief. We all carried roses, thanks to my mom and all the daughters told stories at the memorial. Late at night we went outside under the clear Texas sky and sent up a small hot air balloon to my dad. It was magical watching it weave itself up into the stars as we sang.

The drive was long even though I never drove one bit of it. My sister's children drove leaving four of us girls to eat chocolate and watch movies.

My sisters and I built such a bond these past two months, it is the clearly the gift of love which is the tapestry of which life and death are made out of.

I have also decided that no one should ever die alone.

I put effort into the week since being home, but found many bleak moments. My friends came over at night with wine, sent flowers, and made me re-join the YMCA! All of those are good things.

So, the snow falls, sleet glistens in the tree and at night I listen to my own heartbeat.
As for tomorrow on the road again, but for a new and exciting project. You will just have to wait until then!!

Lou Ann