Monday, August 03, 2009

"It is time to go now...haul away the anchors..."

My good friends Sundae and Rob sing this incredibly beautiful song about leaving. I weep every time I hear it. Now it is my turn to leave again. I feel as if I am always leaving someone, somewhere....maybe that is how I have defined my life.

Most things are packed. Lots of interesting accumulations...seashells, summer dresses, salt spray. One of my last chores was to put away my beautiful birthday bike, a gift from Philip.

Yesterday was his 65th birthday, I am glad I was here to celebrate with him.Lots of events to go to, as always, with folks dropping by.

It is difficult to leave this life that I love so much, but Philip is driving me home and that will make a great difference.

So, I bid farewell until my feet are planted on Hoosier soil once again.

Lou Ann