Friday, June 12, 2009

Getting Started on Ocracoke

So, after many travels to Oregon, Florida, ending my school year, and so on, I have made my journey back to the Island to spend the summer with Philip. I arrived late on Friday night and jumped right into this life as if I had never left.

Internet is always a little iffy for me here, but I found a great place. It is early morning and I am sitting on the library steps. Birds sing. Winds blow. Folks walk and bike by for their early morning excersize.

The week has already been eventful with performing at the Opry, ghost walk, unpacking, settling in, company, hanging my towel in the outside shower. Last night a PBS crew who is here with Donald Davis filming went with me on my ghost walk. It was very interesting. Who knows what will happen with that???

I will try to keep daily notes for you, and, of course, my column continues!!

Lou Ann