Friday, May 08, 2009

Opening Night and the Flu

I do not get sick very often, but oh, when I do. I came home from rehearsal on Wednesday unable to swallow or even hold my eyes open with a fever. I bundled up in my woolen blankets and went to bed.

So, somehow I got through school and the rehearsals yesterday and back home in bed late in the evening.

Day 3: Still have it and today will be our shows. Two this morning and a sold out dessert crowd for tonight. The kids have worked so hard, it is a wonderful show. There was something about this show that I thought we just couldn't put it together, but we did! It is a revitalized show from 2000 when I ran the Emily Dickinson Players, such memories it brings back to me.

So, with a bag full of medication, I am off to direct, encourage, and share these young actors and actresses with the rural town of Hamilton. Break a leg (just don't get the flu!)

Lou Ann