Sunday, April 05, 2009

Too wonderful not to pass on.....

Truly a great piece for the human spirit and soul!!

International Night at Trine

Last night was International Night at Trine University. It is the 41st annual event. The hallway of the student union building was full of displays, traditional foods and demonstrations.

I was able to take one of my sixth grade students from school to help out at the Japanese booth doing origami. We spent time with Japanese culture this year in one of my classes and she was a star who rose to the top actually teaching me about origami.

It was a family event as well as Lee drew caricatures, his girls roamed around, Mengting showed folks (and let them do experiment as well) their names. I took photos most of the time waiting for someone to come to storytelling, but it wasn't exactly the most quiet venue for that art form!

The evening culminated with a wonderful program with students from 19 countries sharing music, dance, and well done film pieces. The last piece of the program was a performance of the Chinese lion dance. It was absolutely fascinating and represents good luck in Chinese culture. I spent time talking with the men after the performances as they shared the history of this dance and their day time jobs as well...teacher, principal, architect, etc.

The evening didn't close until midnight as several of us sat around sharing stories of the evening and emptying a bottle or two of wine.

Lou Ann

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