Monday, March 23, 2009

Houston Family Events

So, I got up at 1:30 to leave Angola by 2:30 to catch a flight in Indy by 7:00. I cleaned house on Thursday evening with clean lavender sheets and decided to just sleep on the couch instead of getting the sheets dirty. It was just two hours anyway! Ahhh, to come home to clean sheets!

Not all of the family is here...we are spread out from coast to coast and Iraq, but how wonderful to see my sister, Lee, from Colorado and her family.

We have stayed up late telling stories, playing Scrabble, spending long hours over morning coffee and newspapers. I decided that on this Monday morning, though, I needed some office time to catch up with writing and contracts!

The weather is warm and balmy, although I didn't prepare for it as I just brought jeans and tee-shirts.

It is wonderful to be here to share these stories and have family sounds around me as I work.

Lou Ann