Saturday, March 14, 2009

A Day in the Life of a Small Town and the Girl Who Lives Here

Yesterday was definitely a small town day. I took Karen, the boys and Mengting to lunch at the Deli. We had a great time sitting in the sunny window, visiting with friends, having a wonderful lunch together. It was such a lovely day that we just walked around the square, visitng the small shops, chatting with the shop keepers. We then hopped into the Jeep to go to Rural King, our favorite store! Farm boots were on clearance, and so I just couldn't help myself as I got a pair of great striped rubber boots for gardening. We also filled the cart with bird food and seeds for our garden. Jonah held and cuddled the baby chicks as Karen and I wished for a coop to put them in! Later on we visited the rummage sale to benefit WIT, Women in Transition. We picked up some long playing records, even though neither of us have a record player!!

By evening we picked up Kathy and made our way to the Angola Band Booster carnival to share hot dogs and pizza and watch the boys play games. I also got into the act as I tried my hand at the fish pond and won two fuzzy, purple hair ties! How did she know that was what I was looking for!

The girls came back and we watched Nights in Rodanthe, of which no one really liked. It was great fun, though, having girls night, again!

Today Mengting and I are off to Indianapolis for museums and storytelling. It is a lovely day for the trip! She has never been there so it will be fun for her!

Lou Ann