Sunday, March 08, 2009

Saturday Night at Cocoa Moon

Girls Night Out at Cocoa Moon

The rain was coming down so hard I overshot the parking lot at Cocoa Moon and then drove into the exit, but we did get there safely after all.

The four of us girls, Kathy, Karen, myself, and Mengting went to hear a rising young star play his music. Ruben Yves Ryan has just moved back here from Bloomington to begin work at the farmer's market and help Steuben County move forward in the green movement.

It was obvious as his CD's were wrapped in sandwich bags as opposed to plastic cases. It was a great idea, and I am thinking of copying something like that!

The crowd was fun, knew most of the folks! What a great way to enjoy a Saturday evening. It was late when we got home and pouring rain, nevertheless, we rented Woody Allen's new movie and sat in my cozy, warm house until well after midnight!

Lou Ann