Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Rainbows and Shadows

Downtown Angola

It was another one of those school speakers for second graders, teaching the Virginia Reel to third graders (I see you smiling on that event!), helping sixth graders learn about shadow and light. In between all of these events, my colleagues Kathy and Colleen helped me put together 150 recipe books. These are recipes that have been collected by my first grade families incorporating cooking and family history. It has been a wonderful project and I would be happy to talk to anyone about this project anytime!! The books are beautiful and ready to be handed out tomorrow for Valentine's Day!

On the way home, I was circling around the mound when I noticed the double rainbow. i knew it was coming as the sky was black with heavy with rain in the West and the clearing was bright in the East. As I made my swirl around the mound, I had to stop my car and walk out to the middle of the street to take photos. (I never go anywhere without my camera.) The rainbow turned into a beautiful double rainbow and I just kept snapping photos as the rain pelted down on me and the traffic swerved.

All in a day's work.

Lou Ann

P.S. Hope you like to new look of the blog. Thought it was time for a change!