Thursday, January 15, 2009

Staying Warm on Twelfth Night

Dear Folks,

One of the best ways to keep warm this winter is to host a party! Last week end I hosted my annual Twelfth Night party and, even though travel was at a minimal, the house was full of family and friends.

We filled the kitchen with pot luck food carried over from house to house along with my cavatini!
We talked and laughed and then cut the coconut cake where a token had been baked. He or she who receives the token is king or queen for the night. My son, Aaron, was the lucky winner and happyily wore the Burger King crown atop of his DNR uniform. We played games, listened to the wind blow and turned off the Christmas lights at midnight, thus ending another season.

By Saturday morning my lovely tree was set out by the bird feeders to spend the rest of the winter. What party is next? Why they 250th birhday party for Robert Burns, of course!

Lou Ann