Wednesday, November 19, 2008

International Week and the first snowfall...

When I took Mengting home on Sunday night, it was snowing hard. Mengting comes from southwest China where they do not have fall nor winter...perhaps a little like Camelot, I think. She was enamored with the snow and asked me if this was the BIG one. I had to laugh as it was such a small snowfall. I did tell her it was time to get her boots!

This week is international week at the University and I have been able to host students all week at school. My room is the perfect location and atmosphere to host students from around the world. We have enjoyed dances from Saipan, photos from China, games from Argentina. The elementary students have been wonderfully respectful and have asked the best questions. I feel honored that I was chosen to host these students.

The evenings have been spent at the University as well with lectures on diversity and late night card games. It is fun to know that such lively young people live just blocks away!