Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Haints and Hauntings...

Last night was double duty on the ghost tales...cottage ghost tales and a tour!

I love these cottage ghost tales, because, for the most part, I just wear my pirate dress including black shawl and seashells strung around my neck and head out on my bike.

Last night I was invited by a family who had three boys. We went up to the cozy living room of their rental cottage, lit all the candles (they had purchased some in the day for this event!), chatted a bit (I told them about my three boys and their families!), and then, as darkness prevailed ,told stories. They had asked for some of my scariest stuff, so that is just what I delivered.

I did keep a close tab on the time, though, as I had to whisk away by 9:20 to meet my ghost tour back on Howard Street by 9:30. Philip was taking care of the money and paperwork, and was also was the warm up act for the tour! The folks were delightful with six of them from Ohio!

We strolled the village until the bewitching hour when I left them at the cemetery as I slid into the darkness and went home. Philip and I drank cool ginger ale and just talked over the day before turning out the lights.

Just another wonderful day on Ocracoke.

Lou Ann