Wednesday, July 23, 2008

My Birthday...

I had a wonderful birthday yesterday. It is always so special on the Island. On Monday evening we had a July potluck supper for all the July birthday folks. The supper was fabulous and we wore our crowns and tiaras!

I woke early on my birthday and went to the beach to watch the sun come was so lovely and quiet. (Philip just can't get up that early!) I bought coffee in the village and a newspaper and sat out on the dock reading the news and enjoying this early morning time.

By the time I returned to the cottage, Philp was up and we hopped on our bikes and went out to breakfast to the Pony Island Inn. In the afternoon I followed Philip and a photographer (from Our State magazine) around as he took photo shots of Philp for the October issue. We spent most of the time in graveyards. (A cheery place to be on your birthday!!)

I went out on the Windfall with my friends, Bill and Lida. It was their wedding anniversary and the entire boat was full of couples celebrating their anniversaries as well. It was beautiful out in the sound on the old schooner and I never tire of listening to Captain Rob tell pirate stories!

It was almost dark when I returned home and time for me to go to work. I put on my old pirate dress with shawl and necklace of clam shells and then I went to work. I had the late night ghost walk through the village. I arrived back home by midnight. (all walking, of course!)

Between all of this, I enjoyed flowers from Adam and Tonya, phone calls, cards and emails. It is nice not to be forgotten when I am a thousand miles away. Thanks to all of you for making my day special!

Lou Ann