Sunday, July 06, 2008

Ocracoke Gothic

It was a wonderful July Fourth on Ocracoke Island. The events of the past few days just swim in my head with the fun and laughter and beauty of this Island. We had two house guests which we love, Buddy (Philip's brother from Norfolk), and Jim (our friend from Manteo!) Those two gentlemen, alone, enrich our lives!

There were pot lucks every night (including a couple of them at our house)..beach walking, visiting, flag raising, song singing, and parade routing!!

Philip and I decided to do a small float on the back of the pick up truck. We called ourselves Ocracoke Gothic as opposed to American Gothic. We carried clam rakes, clams, baskets of vegetables, a chamber pot, and hosted a clothesline as well. I wore an old bonnet from Great Aunt Tressie and a house dress actually belonging to Philip's Mom, but has been put away in the attic. We had a great time and won third place as well which meant we brought home a hundred dollar check!

On this quiet afternoon, our company has all left for the ferry, Philip decided to nap, and even though the cottage needs cleaning, there are other things to do that are a bit more fun!

Hope you all had a great Fourth as well!!

Lou Ann