Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Sweet Scent of Laundry

It is early morning on the Ocracoke Island where I spend my time working. By night I lead ghost and history walks and tell stories at the old Opry...by day? I am a laundry connoisseur. If fact the first summer I was asked to come to the Island by my sweetheart I said, and I quote..."..only if you provide me a clothesline," and he did.

So, I like the idea of saving money..I also like the romance of hanging out laundry. I got up early this morning to hang out sheets. The sky was a soft pewter gray with just a tinge of sunshine as the cardinals around the cottage kept me company with their morning sun. All day I will go about my other activities with one eye on the clothesline. By nightfall the sheets will be sweet scented with yaupons, cedars and salt from the sea.

Lou Ann