Sunday, April 13, 2008

Sunday Morning Thoughts

It is a cozy, rainy-snow day here in northern Indiana. I often brag (is that the right word?)that the snow settles in on us from Halloween until mid-April. Us northerners are tough, are we not? A few lovely days were squeezed into the middle so that I could rake and prune my raspberries and my honeysuckle. It took most of the neighborhood to help cut down the honeysuckle, but the trellis must be painted this year so out it went.

Philip came on Saturday afternoon and after a brief, I am so glad to see you, I stuck a rake into his hands. It is helpful to have two int he garden. The week has been fun with lots of events including a trip to Wing Haven, girl's pot luck, line dancing, Take Back the Night, a visit to Gene Stratton Porter's home in Rome City, the Angola high school spring play and now a cozy day inside to catch up. I have bread rising in the kitchen, candles burning in the living room and Philip working on his book in the library. What more could a girl want?

Lou Ann