Thursday, April 03, 2008

Home, sweet home...

It was a wonderful trip to Portland, Oregon to see Abe, Kristin and little Holly.
(see stories that will follow!) It is hard to have a son and his family so far away, but we did make the most of the trip just spending time together. Holly actually learned to crawl while I was there and repeatedly said, Nannie' with a French twist on the second syllable!! The weather was cold and rainy and I feel maybe I am the carrier of the inclimate weather. We actually had snow each day. Lovely huge flakes!
We spent Saturday at the wintery in the hills outside of Portland. It was stunning to view these orchards! Acres and acres of vineyards. The wine was excellent as well. I brought one home in a new plastic container in my suitcase. I was a bit leery about the situation, but it arrived home perfectly well!!

Now, spring break is over, and back to work to finish the school year, and enjoy Spring (yes, it will be here)in Indiana!!

Lou Ann