Monday, June 18, 2007

"Zest won't kill me..."

Each morning on the island I am privy to an outside shower with a lovely bar of homemade soap. The shower is adorned with stain glass windows and a copper shower head. It is canopied with the yaupon and cedar trees and with the celestial song of island birds.

It doesn't matter what the weather, I use the outdoor shower religiously each morning. Today when Philip arrived back from the shower, it wasn't the traditional scent of clove and cedar, but a man made scent of what? He was quick to tell me that he found an old bar of Zest soap and was going to use it up. I was a bit surprised, but I also know that he doesn't waste anything.

As long as HE is the one to use the old Zest, then I guess I'll not complain. After all, zest won't kill him, but I will be glad when that old bar is gone.

I am spoiled, that I know.

Lou Ann

Lou Ann Homan-Saylor lives in Angola, Indiana which is nestled in the hills of Northern Indiana. When she is home at the White Picket Gardens you can find her gardening or writing late into the night under the light of her frayed scarlet lamp. She is a storyteller, a teacher, a writer, an actress and a collector of front porch stories.