Wednesday, May 23, 2007

One Candies...

I was in Border's the other night buying graduation gifts and cards and drooling (well, not quite) over all the books I should read and own.) I did resist the temptation and just bought for those on my list. As I was checking out, I happen chanced on a chocolate truffle. I bought one, even though it was three for one dollar. The clerk, in an grammatically incorrect voice, replied, ahh, yes, one candies. We both laughed. I thought about what she said. One Candies. A great novel title or a poem or as in rating the day....She told me I could have the title to do with what I wanted. All I can think to do at this point is write this blog.

We are deep into the heat in Indiana...the last week of school...sports our rooms..and trying to survive this last week. Tomorrow the kids leave and we send them off on their farewell with our squirt guns as we line up in the drive up. Lovely thoughts for a small, lovely school.

So, could that be One Candies left???

Lou Ann