Wednesday, December 13, 2006

How many V-Day women does it take????

On Monday evening the new V-Day board, Jamie and Erin and I, set out to find our recipient, Women in Transition.

We have already been meeting for a couple of months on Monday evenings for coffee and planning at Rachael's coffee shop...but this was the night to speak to the board of our recipient.

We needed to be professional, we needed to be passionate, we needed to be straight forward, we needed to be knowledgeable, we needed to be on time.

We were all of the above, well, almost...we were late.

We started out leaving my house ten minutes early (ten til six.) It's a small town, what can I say? However, we could not find the meeting...we had an address, but it was on the other side of town (again five minuts away!) We found a vacant lot. It should make a nice home some day...but on this rainy, foggy night we weren't impressed. We continued our journey...where was this meeting? We called Jamie's husband, he knew, of course, he and Jamie both write for the newspaper. Wrong. He sent us on another we were now two blocks from my house. We did meet a very nice young man and his dog, however. We continued on. Yes, this is it...we were sure. We knocked and knocked. Curiously I looked at the that illegal? We didn't open anything, just wanted to know if it was addressed to Women in Transition. Wrong again. It was from the prosecuting atorney. Oops. We left quickly. Next I met a nice couple smoking on their porch..I got out of the car and chatted a while. (OK, a good long while!) However, found out that we were on the right street just the wrong side of town...again five minutes away.

This will be our last stop, we said, if we can't find it we are going back to my house for supper and a bottle or two of nice wine.

An hour later, we were there..on the doorstop of the meeting. They were glad to see us. They thought we had forgotten. Forgotten? Not us. We are passionate, straight forward, knowledgeable...just not on time.

Everything went well..we found our way home to my house in the dark fog. (We were actually only a few blocks away.)

We did our job, and ended up with a great story as well!!