Friday, December 08, 2006

The Cold of December....

I do think about this blog every doesn't appear that way through the failure of writing...maybe after this one?

It is cold here in Northern Indiana as it is in most of the country. The snow is dry and as lacy as a grandmother's tablecloth. With the coming of Winter so many programs are taking place in my little town. Programs at the library.... at Wing Haven... at the University. I have gone to most of the them..and most of them I just put on my winter boots and everything warm I can find and walk.

I met a couple the other night who had just moved to Angola. They actually chose it to retire to. They were impressed with all that we have to offer so such a small community.

But my community is slow moving are creaky and the woolen blankets have not just come out of the cedar chests, but are spread across the beds. I still needed one more last night, but was too cold to get up to get one!!

So, with The Nutcracker on the CD player, candles lit, and snowflakes still powdering the earth, it is a lovely day for me to do "office" work in my p.j.'s with no where to go...except to the ktichen to refill my coffee cup!

Lou Ann Homan-Saylor lives in Angola, Indiana which is nestled in the hills of Northern Indiana. When she is home at the White Picket Gardens you can find her gardening or writing late into the night under the light of her frayed scarlet lamp. She is a storyteller, a teacher, a writer, an actress and a collector of front porch stories.