Thursday, August 10, 2006

Five nieces and a sister-in-law...

I arrived home two days ago from Ocracoke...I stood in the airport in Norfolk and watched Philip walk away...My heart was absolutely in a dulled state of pain. This summer was so wonderful. It was a long day of flying (and thinking, I might add). Karen picked me up at 12:30 in the morning in Fort Wayne and we made our way back to the House at White Picket Gardens. The air was cool..the moonlight made pathways for us on the highway and shrouded my house in shadows as we pulled in.

The last couple of days I have spent acclimating myself to life inland...filling the larder...renewing acquaintances...spending time with Jonah and Matthew.

This morning I was visited by five nieces and a sister-in-law of the woman, Daisy Garman McCane who lived in my house in the 40's, 50's and 60's. She was married for a couple of months and with an early death to her husband she opened up a boarding house here at my Picket Gardens. She slept downstairs (in what is now my library) and rented out the four rooms upstairs. Well, we have determined that she rented out three and her live-in boyfriend (posing as a renter) took the last bedroom by the large tree. (That room is now my child's bedroom complete with tea sets.) He died in this house on Christmas Day. The rooms were rented for $5.00 per month. She did not cook for them, but she did clean and ironed for a nickel a piece (shirt, etc.)

They described in detail the house and her furniture and regaled stories of visiting. They all signed the guest wall..wiped tears from their eyes and hugged me good bye. It was a great morning for all of us...I like knowing who came before me.

After a bit they all climbed back into their van and went on with the rest of their activities.

They said Daisy would have like what I have done with the house.
Somehow I knew that.

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