Friday, July 28, 2006

Beach Days..

Philip and I do not get to the beach as much as some of you might think! We like to go a couple of timse a week, but that is on the high end.

Yesterday (we always have Thursdays off!) we spent the day just for ourselves. Well, Philip had a dance workshop in the morning at the Historical Museum. It was lovely out under the cedars. I have been dancing the Ocracoke dance with him for a long time we had a great time demonstrating and then dancing with all of the folks.

We then went home to lunch and packed up for the beach. It was an exceedingly beautiful day...the waves were perfect (except the one that tumbled us in a somersault!) and the breeze was gorgeous. We have our own swimming spot...occasionally we see a couple of folks, but usually we don't see anyone.

We went to dinner last night (it was our date night)...and strolled home arm in arm....

Tonight we have history and ghost tours...even one at the bewitching hour when the village is dark and quiet.

Sally, thank you for finding the blog. My laptop will not support my extensive Sunday Passage note from here. So, for the summer, the blog will do!!

My days with Philip have begun to be numbered...but I try not to think about is what matters.

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