Monday, July 17, 2006

Getting to the post...

Getting around to writing a daily blog has definitely become a chore. The library hours are few...sometimes I am working and get can't here or something else has come life?

The week is a blur of activities...ghost walks...the Opry.

My sweet daughter in law, Karen, (Aaron's wife, Jonah and Matthew's Mama) came for a four day visit. It was such great fun to meet her on the ferry on Thursday evening. Philip and I were both barefoot and riding our bikes. We had a summer supper and then whisked her off to hear Molasses Creek. Afterwards Gary and David came over for late night snacks and Sunset on the Pizer.

The next evening David and Amy brought shrimp to boil. A wonderful dish for living on an island...Again we whisked Karen off to the ghost and history walk.

The rest of the week end were hours at the beach, a pirate tour around Pamlico Sound on the Windfall (Rob's schooner), dinner at the Back Porch...late nights on the pizer just at the Jolly Roger.....and shopping, of course.

She left on the early ferry this morning and Philip and I stood on the dock and waved until out of sight. It is a long journey home for her. Sigh.

Tonight we host the July birthday parties on the island, including mine! We have invited 35 folks to come for the pot luck. We are boiling shrimp and deviled eggs as well. It will be a wonderful evening.

Until my next bike ride to the ever....

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