Saturday, July 08, 2006

All in a week...

It is a cool Saturday morning as I sit in the small Ocracoke Library sending out the notes for the week. There are four small computers at one table and as I sit here I can see all of the library as it surrounds me. It is nice for me to have this access as my own computer, as you know, does not appreciate Island life.

Missing a day on my blog, on my journey is actually disastrous...there are so many events each day.

We worked part of the day on the fourth of July, then Philip closed the shop for the parade and all of the events. Our friend, Jim, came and stayed with us for all the events. He is a great house guest as he brings homemade cookies and fresh peaches and great conversation. (He is a potter in Manteo.) We attended a cookout and then enjoyed the fireworks on The Windfall. I love watching the fireworks over the water and the resounding echo. Folowing the display we stand close together on the boat as Sundae leads us all in singing The Star Spangled Banner. We followed pathways to her house late into the night for cake and wine, then rode home through the shadows.

Wednesday night was the Opry and again we had our old fashioned radio show. It is becoming quite popular and I love spending time writing it. I love performing it with Philip, he is a great actor and we have so much fun with the show.

Jim Goodwin, the ships in a bottle artist, was here this week and had dinner with us Thursday evening. He was demonstrating his technique under his artist's tent for a few days this week. He knows the stories as well as the craft so it was a great night to share shipwreck theories and nautical technology.

Last night, under ominous skies with a three quarter moon, Amy and I had the ghost walks. It was cool and breezy and one of those perfect evenings to listen to ghost stories as we ventured out on our hour and a half. Friends came back to sit on the pizer, wrapped in jackets and sweaters as the first gliimpse of fall made it's way to our Island.

The week was good. I am happy.

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