Monday, July 03, 2006

The Jolly Roger

Since I am using my blog as a personal journal, at least I think so. Is there anyone out there reading this? Whether or not you are out there, it is great for me to write everyday...putting thoughts down and recording my life as I live it.

I love Sunday nights.

Philip and I always got the Jolly Roger. It is an open restaurant on the water. No, that isn't what I mean to say at is a dive, really...right on Silver Lake (also known as the Creek) that leads out to the Pamlico Sound. It is the harbor and full of all kinds of boats including the Windfall (Rob's schooner).

On Sunday night Martin and friends play music in the corner sweating away as we listen to folk and blue grass and original pieces. There is a glass tip jar on the table next to them for our coffers of thanksgiving to them.

The sides are all open so folks can linger on the porches, watch the boats, sing loudly.

We always start off with a small table, but end of continually putting tables together as the crowd of friends grow larger. We hunt for more chairs sit closer to one another except when we go visiting other folks ourselves. We order crab sandwiches, coconut cake, pitchers of beer...we all share the rounds of beer.

We laugh, tell stories, sing, watch the sun go down over the sound, watch the Windfall to come in with it's great sails, wait for Rob to anchor and come on down.

I think it is my favorite night of the week. I love being there with Philip. Sometimes Martin even plays our Song.

The Jolly Roger has become a tradition for me. I am home there. I am welcome there.

Yes, home is an island.

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