Wednesday, June 28, 2006

An Island Schedule....

As you have probably noticed from the television news (I would imagine) we have been surrounded with rain since Sunday evening. A tropical storm has meandered up the coast line leaving us all using our bright yellow rain apparall and boots.

It doesn't stop our activities, however!

Yesterday morning, Susan Sullie, a writer and photographer spent her day on Ocracoke looking for a charming, quaint cottage to put in her new book of Southern Coastal Cottages. The moment she walked into Philip's, she knew that she would choose his. Well, it is wonderful, old quaint, charming, full of history. (See this week's passage on the Sunday Passage site.) She and her husband, Tom, are photographing there all day today.

We invited them to join us in a celebatory pot luck supper for a local woman who just received her PhD. It was to be held out on the lawn, but because of the weather, we all trekked over to the Community Center. As we spread out the food boasting of everything from pasta salads to Ocracoke fig cake (Philip made that!) we all held hands and each, in turn, gave thanks for blessings in our lives.

Following the pot luck we meandered back through puddles and humidity to the house where we gave our ghost and history walk....indoors. We told the stories together with just candle light and the light gusting of the wind through the trees. It was a magical evening. Susan and Tom joined us there as well.

Oh, we are working in the shop as well!

Tonight Philip and I are performing together at the Opry...we are doing an old time radio show using the news of Ocracoke in the 40's.

Tomorrow we are off to Norfolk for the day!

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