Thursday, March 23, 2006

The Week in Review

I vow to write everyday...I vow to work out every day...and here it is Thursday.

The night after was donning the grass skirt and fake flowers in my hair for the Student Council Hawaiian Luau. This is our first year for a student council. It has, needless to say, been interesting. We go day by day figuring it out...the kids are excited about projects and ideas and my good friend and colleague, Erin, and I just raise our eyebrows. But the luau was a great idea..we earned lots of money, gave the kids a great social experience. The gym was transformed into seashells and beach balls and music by the Beach Boys (they wanted Destiny's Child, but who is THAT?)

The fact is, I love teaching and spending time with the kids...yes I get home late every day, check messages, plan for the next day and slip under the covers for eight hours (yea, right) and start all over.

Today's schedule? Auditions for Romeo and Juliet (they are fifth graders, no kissing please, they asked!)...a full day of classes, an after school Cinema Film Festival and then on the road for stories of another kind to another audience tomorrow.

So, I'll grab my overnight bag, turn off the heat, smile knowing I have the best job in the world.

Lou Ann