Monday, March 20, 2006

Cowboy hats and a do-si-do!

It seems as if I wear a number of hats (it is a good thing this is a metaphoric term as my house would not hold them all)...

Tonight is no exception as I have become the square dance and line dance caller for our mother/son hoe down...OK, I have taught a few dances, so I guess I was a natural to ask...or is it because I always stay late anyway...or because I never say no. I would like to hope that I have been asked because who else calls all of these dances in these here parts!!

So, with jeans and flannel shirt...bandanna in hair...I have the beginnings of a new career..or maybe just an entertaining way to spend a Monday night.

Whatever the case...grab your favorite honey and promenade her all the way home!!

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