Sunday, March 05, 2006

Of Beads and Thread and Things that are Nice...

This afternoon I sauntered down to the small, tucked in-out-of-the-way "hippie shop." (Or so I call it!)

I love visiting this is full of hemp dresses...patchouli soaps....lavender incense...bumper stickers...sandals...and beads...hundreds of kinds of beads. If you were to walk into Sticks and Stones, you would know the owner, Sandy, right away. She blends into the shop with her long dresses, jewelry, hair pulled back with a silk band and her knowledge.

On Sunday afternoons she gives lessons on making jewelry with her beads. Today was the day that I decided to give it a try. Alright, I chose an easy project. I wanted to replace the wrap around bracelet that I have worn for six years ago. It was given to me by a gentleman. He bought it in Brazil and left it in a velvet pouch on my doorknob. I fell in love with the bracelet right away and have never taken it off! I have to admit though that wearing something for six years on your wrist does tend to get a little ratty! So, today I made a wonderful new bracelet with lots of colorful glass beads.

There were six of us in the class all working diligently on our own projects...braclets, necklaces, brewed and was served in china cups and saucers (hippie girls DO NOT use styrofoam!) We were of all ages getting to know one another and by the time my bracelet was done, I felt I had new friends! I had to cut off the old bracelet and I asked for a toast and a drumroll (I mean, I did wear it for six years!!!) and ceremoniously I cut it off and wove the new shiny one around my wrist. We all applauded my efforts.

I paid for my beads, gave a farewell to my new friends and walked home just as the sun was setting. I took off my gloves a few times just to let the light catch the color fo the beads.

New beads. New friends. How much nicer can a day get?

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