Thursday, January 19, 2006

Jane Austen's Book Club

Last night my book club met. I am involved with a wonderful group of women who take reading and authors seriously!! We always spend an hour on the specific book, fiften minutes on other books and authors...then have dinner. Dinner is cooked by the hostess.

Our hostess, Luanne (not this Lou Ann!) did an outstanding job of making us feel welcome. Her home is warm and inviting with windows overlooking a world of woods and streams...last night it was exceptionally beautiful with the new snowfall...we were able to catch a glimpse of winter color as the last of the day's birds were having their own feast.

Candles and wine made the darkness settle in upon us like a warm quilt and the nine of us discussed Pride and Prejudice by jane Austin. We talked about the practices of marriage and money during her day. It was unanimous that the group of us "working" women were glad to be living now.....but there is something romantic about the Austen books.

Our conversation turned toward all other topics as we dined elbow to elbow.

It was a good night. We bundled up when we left to brace the freezing temperatures and gingerly made our way back homes that allow us to be the women we have become. I think Jane Austen would approve of us.

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