Friday, January 13, 2006

January Blues

In December I was dreaming of ice skating (and I am so good at that!), snowshoeing (my new hobby that I meant to start this winter!) and maybe even ice fishing (OK, well, probably not!) But, alas, alas....the topsy turvy weather of January has put a halt on all of the above. I am slushing about in sopping puddles. I left my new boots with Philip in Ocracoke, we have snow, I said, I won't need those boots in Northern Indiana!

Today the rain is a torrent, I am home working on storyteller office details with all the lights on and candles burning listening to the drumming of the rain.

On the lighter side, my heating bill will be low, the salt has been washed off of my car, and I still love splashing in puddles!

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