Tuesday, December 27, 2005

An Island Christmas

Matthew and I arrived about forty minutes late in Raleigh...but to a welcoming crowd! Philip had driven from Ocracoke to pick me up and Sherrie and David (Matthew's Grandparents from Atlanta) had come to pick him up. We exchanged greetings, picked up our luggage and all took to the road in different directions.

We had a non-stop trip as we wanted to get back before dark and before the pot luck (which was held at Philip's) was over. As always with traveling, I am amazed at the geographical changes. I left freezing temperatures with inches of snow on the ground and not a leaf in sight and arrived to blue skies of about 55 degrees, dry roads and the scent of pines.

When we arrived home to Miss Aliph's, there were no parking spaces left so we parked down by the shop and came a'callin (we actually knocked on the door!) The house was full of friends and relatives...what a nice home coming.

After the pot luck everyone scrambled into jackets and scarves and walked down the dark, clam filled street to the Methodist Church for the Christmas Eve service. There were, of course, wise men and shepherds and Mary and Joseph....there also was every person on the island in attendance. The service ended with candlelight and wishing each other Merry Christmas.

Christmas Day started with brunch at our house for family....the opening of gifts which took several hours. Most of it revolved around Philip's Grandchild, Lachlan. Dinner was later in the afternoon at Julie and Gary's.

The post Christmas activites are dinners at friend's homes each evening...games of cards, jigsaw puzzles and Werewolf...the pouring of conversation and wine.

The weather is crisp and sunny and fresh and clean.

It is nice to spend this week with Philip...to read and relax..sit by the fire...drink eggnog...and be appreciative for all life's blessings.