Wednesday, May 11, 2005

alabaster time...

It was late last night when I slung my house key around my neck and went biking, still later when I went walking and still later when I watered all the new plants that I put out on the week end.

I love late spring nights. My house is still full of family so I waited til the quiet sounds of sleeping began to lul the house at white picket gardens to rest.

The streets were quiet...just a few lights on here and there and the scent of spring lilacs was so pungeant that a few times I just stopped to twirl and take it all in.

Nights walks help clear my much in there theses days..personal, professional. I didn't realize my thoughts were so transparent until my neighbor, Amy, brought me a bouquet of roses this look for forlorn, she said.

But the day has with 300 kids to the Wizards Baseball game...then to Indy for a performance and dinner with a friend.

Amy, is you are reading my blog, I love the roses.

I'll close with a part of a poem from Emily Dickinson,

How lonesome the Wind must feel Nghts
When people have put out the Lights
And everthing that has a Inn
Closes the shutter and goes in.