Wednesday, April 27, 2005


Today I am hosting my first "annual" (that is yet to be determined) Sonnet-a-thon to honor William Shakespeare.

Now the truth is, I have particited in other Sonnet-a-thons with professors and writers and teachers and literary was glorious listening to the words roll off their tongues.

Today, however, it is being hosted by a fourth grade class. They have worked for a couple of months on this...committee work, their first, and hard to understand the concept that you do your work and someone else does theirs and it all falls into place..or so it should.

As of right now..the belief was that Shakespeare died and rose again (a product in conservative Indiana, typo, what?)....the reception consists of one large 7-up, a gallon of punch, one punch bowl, one tray, one package napkins...there are no cups, cookies, tablecloths.

We are still struggling with the pronounciation for the emcee cards of 'university' and 'graduate' to introduce our guest community readers.

The flu season still continues so we might miss an important fact or two in their 'facts of Shakespeare' part of the program. But, who really cares when he was born, died, what he wrote, thought...

All I can say is, all's well that end's well, and Shakespeare didn't even say that!